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Crest of the Stars - DVD Collection

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Series: Crest of the Stars
Director: Yasuchika Nagaoka Country: Year: 1999 Runtime: 325 mins Genre: Anime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Score: 8.0/10
Supernatural Themes


Space opera at it's finest.

Based on the best selling science fiction novels by Hiroyuki Morioka. Jinto Lin's life changes forever when the Humankind Empire Abh takes over his home planet of Martine without firing a single shot. Sent off to study the Abh language and culture, Jinto must prepare himself for his future as an Abh nobleman. Entering the next phase of his training,... More »

Special Features

  • - Textless Ending #1
  • - Textless Ending #2
  • - Image Gallery
  • - Mini Posters

Release Information

Contains 13 episodesSeries Information
19/05/2004 Release Date:
English, Japanese Languages:
English subtitles Subtitles:
3 Number of Discs:
325.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
4:3 Original Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio:
MMB073 Catalogue:
©Hiroyuki Morioka • Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. ©SUNRISE This product is manufactured and distributed by Madman Entertainment under the license by Sunrise, Inc. Copyright: