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Panda Go Panda

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Director: Isao Takahata Country: Year: 1972 Runtime: 75 mins Genre: Anime, Kids & Family Score: 6.9/10
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Before Studio Ghibli, two auteurs gave the world a panda...

Cheerful Mimiko has a very strange family for a little girl - a Panda for her Papa, and his son, Panny, calls her Mom! Join this happy family and their many adventures! When Panny follows Mimiko to school, he must pretend to be a teddy bear so Mimiko won't get into trouble, but everyone wants a cute Panda! Despite his efforts to behave, Panny causes... More »

Special Features

  • Includes both movies ("Panda! Go Panda!" and "Rainy-day Circus")

Release Information

15/06/2005 Release Date:
ENGLISH subtitles Subtitles:
75.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
4:3 Original Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio:
MMA3360 Catalogue:
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