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Vampire Knight (Manga) Vol. 02

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Teen 15+


Her Very First Memory... Snow, Terror, Blood and Vampires!

Unable to escape his bitter face, Zero has now become a vampire. The daily torturous struggle against his craving for blood takes its toll upon his spirit, and his sinks into despair after his second attack on Yuki. All ready for death to claim him, he shuts himself away. In a desperate attempt to het Zero to stand up once more, Yuki steels her resovle to commit an unforgivable act despite knowing full well that it would condemn her..

Release Information

14/03/2007 Release Date:
Matsuri Hino Author:
Manga Format:
HA62602 Catalogue:
9789812694225 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
2 (Ongoing) Issue:
© Matsuri Hino / HAKUSENSHA, INC., Tokyo Copyright:

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