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Vampire Knight (Manga) Vol. 05

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Teen 15+


Her Very First Memory... Snow, Terror, Blood and Vampires!

Shizuka Hio is dead, and the Council of Elders seems too eager to execute Zero for the crime, even though he has not been proven guilty. Kaname gains new powers that seem to cast a shadow over his heart, changing it into something dark and deadly… Meanwhile, Zero seems to be recovering from the ordeal, but is troubled by the loss of the target of his hatred - and Yuki lives in fear of the day Zero loses his sanity…

Release Information

12/09/2007 Release Date:
Matsuri Hino Author:
Manga Format:
HA62605 Catalogue:
9789812699541 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
5 (Ongoing) Issue:
© Matsuri Hino / HAKUSENSHA, INC., Tokyo Copyright:

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