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Aachi & Ssipak

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Country: South Korea Year: 2006 Runtime: 90 mins Genre: Action & Adventure Score: 6.9/10
Strong violence and sexual references

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In the future, the only energy source is human excrement. Citizens are microchipped and rewarded for defecation with addictive 'juicybars'. In Shit City, two small time hoods team up with a porn actress and become major juciybar traffickers. Hunted by the notorious Diaper Gang and with a superhuman Government agent out to stop them all, Aachi & Ssipak may have bitten off more juicybars than they can chew. Welcome to the insane world of AACHI & SSIPAK.

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Release Information

10/10/2007 Release Date:
Korean Languages:
English subtitles Subtitles:
90.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
EYE2158 Catalogue:
┬ęStudio 2.0, South Korea, 2006 Copyright: