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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

He trusts nothing but his own sword. He has no place to call home. The lone mercenary Guts travels a... more »

Hellsing Ultimate Collection 1 (Eps 1-4) (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

The rogue vampire Alucard is the Hellsing Organization's deadliest instrument in its mission to protect... more »

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 Collection (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

When humans came down from the sky they brought with them the Testament, the guide to the path they... more »

Monsieur Lazhar (Blu Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

Set in Montreal, a Year 6 class is shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of their beloved teacher.... more »

Steins;Gate Collection 2 (Eps 13-25) (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

The microwave is a time machine and the girl gets shot. Okarin sends another text. Nukes another banana.... more »

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The Thieves (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 20/02/2013

Five thieves at the top of their game, and the crew is assembling for their biggest job yet. Popie's... more »

Storm Surfers 3d: The Movie (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 06/02/2013

STORM SURFERS 3D is an epic, real-life adventure following two best friends on their quest to hunt down... more »

Arbitrage (Blu Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 01/02/2013

New York hedge-fund magnate Robert Miller (Gere) is the portrait of success. But behind the gilded walls... more »

Gantz Movies 1 & 2 Collection (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 09/01/2013

Two students are hit by a train and awaken in a mysterious apartment, where they learn that they now... more »

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 09/01/2013

Fans of the ground-breaking Mass Effect franchise shouldn’t miss this stunning motion picture experience... more »

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