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Dragon Ball Z Season 1 (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

The Saiyans are coming! These ruthless, intergalactic villains carved a path of destruction across the... more »

Fairy Tail Collection 08 (Eps 85-96) (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

The guild is trapped in a parallel world run by an insane king determined to steal every last drop of... more »

Fate/zero Collection 02 (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

The story starts from zero: the beginning... The Holy Grail War - in this ultimate battle field,... more »

K' Series Collection (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

Shiro is an easygoing teenager content with just being a student - until his seemingly perfect life... more »

Kamisama Kiss Series Collection (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

Nanami was just a normal high school girl down on her luck until a stranger's lips marked her as the... more »

Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

Naruto is convicted of a serious crime he didn't commit and is sent to the inescapable prison, Hozuki... more »

Pom Poko (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

POM POKO is a tale of the clash between modern civilisation and the natural world. The Raccoons (Tanuki)... more »

The Wrath of Vajra (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 16/04/2014

In 1930s Japan, a death cult working with the Imperial Army buys children and trains them as deadly... more »

How I Live Now (Blu Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 02/04/2014

Daisy (OscarĀ® nominee Saoirse Ronan, ATONEMENT, HANNA), a teenager from New York, is sent to the English... more »

Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (Blu-Ray)

(BLU-RAY) - RELEASE DATE: 19/03/2014

The mightiest team of mages from the magic kingdom's most infamous guild faces evil rising from the... more »

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