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Gravitation (Manga)

Country: Year: 1996 Issues: 12 Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Love - the one force that simply won't be denied!

Shuichi Shindou is determined to be a rock star, and he's not about to let the fact that he's a high school student with no experience and no band stop him. He's found his charismatic guitarist, he's got them a gig - now he's ready to show the world what a genius he is with his powerful lyrics. When stoic novelist Eiri Yuki overhears his amateurish verse and puts the young musician in his place, Shuichi is crushed. He just can't get the mysterious writer's criticism out of his mind. As Shuichi inserts himself into Eiri's life, desperate to prove his potential, the two find their futures inexorably intertwined, as if by fate. But Eiri doesn't believe in fate. The force that brings them together is much more primal - it's gravity. And nothing they do can stop it.

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