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I.N.V.U. (Invu - Manga)

Year: 2003 Issues: 5 Genre: Drama


Four teen girls find their lives intertwined in the most bizarre ways

One morning, 16-year-old Sey's world is turned upside down when her mother announces she's moving to Italy to finish her novel. She's made arrangements for Sey to live with her friend, Meja, and Meja's creepy daughter, Terry, not exactly Sey's ideal living situation, but she has no other choice. Sey has a killer crush on a teacher named Mr. Cho, and she's beyond shocked when she learns that Terry knows him well ... VERY well. Meanwhile, Sey's best friend begins to date Siho, a cute guy who always seems to be hanging with the wrong crowd. Sey's psyched when Siho gets her a job at the gas station he works at ... until she finds out that she'll be required to wear rollerblades. She's never been on blades in her life! She buys a pair pronto and convinces Siho to give her some lessons. Across town, Terry is being hunted down by a persistent model scout who also seems to know Mr. Cho from the past. When Sey gets sick at school, Siho stops by the nurse's office to give her some medicine. (Does he have a crush on his girlfriend's best friend?!) There, he finds Mr. Cho leaning down to wake Sey up. As Siho hides behind a curtain, he witnesses a tender moment between Sey and Mr. Cho and grows suspicious about the status of their relationship. Are they friends ... or something more?!

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