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Rebirth (Manga)

Year: 1998 Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Only one man can stand against a mad sorcerer threatening to destroy the world!

Three hundred years ago the Sorcerer Kalutika Maybus sealed the vampire Deshwitat in limbo after killing his fiancee, Lilith. For centuries, Deshwitat's mind calculated revenge while his body slumbered ... until now. A band of spiritual investigators has inadvertently broken the seal that binds him, and Deshwitat has been released. A lot has changed since the 17th century. Carriages have been replaced by cars, the Internet connects the world, and vampires have become the stuff of legends. But beneath the veneer of technology, magic and religion still reign supreme. Kalutika is the most powerful person in the world, although few actually know he exists. Prophecy foretold that Kalutika would destroy the Earth. Deshwitat's quest is now not just one of revenge, but of redemption ... for himself, and the world. Joined by an excommunicated exorcist and a spiritual investigator, Deshwitat begins his bloodquest. The hunted is now the hunter.

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