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Air Gear

Country: Year: 2006 Episodes: 24 Genre: Action & Adventure, Anime Score: 7.5/10

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Ride Hard, Fly High!

SHORT SYNOPSIS Welcome to the world of Storm Riders, where motor-powered inline skates called "Air Treks" take extreme sports to a whole new level. Those who dare to ride with these high tech devices risk life and limb in a struggle for fame, power and wings to take to the sky. Enter Ikki Minami, the toughest fighter on the east side of town. He... More »

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Air Gear Collection (Fatpack) (DVD)

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Based on the manga “Air Gear” by Oh! Great originally serialized in the Weekly SHONEN MAGAZINE published by Kodansha Ltd. © Oh! Great / KODANSHA • Marvelous Entertainment • Avex Entertainment • Toei Animaton