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Twinkle Stars (Manga) Vol. 05

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Teen 13+


A Dazzling Series by the Author of Fruits Basket

On the day of the fireworks display, Chihiro unexpectedly comes down with a fever and is unable to go with Sakuya as promised. At Saki?s persistent urgings, Sakuya drops in to check on Chihiro, but how will Chihiro react to her unexpected visit, even as memories of his Tokyo past continue to haunt him and hold his feelings back? What is this sad secret that Chihiro wants to keep hidden from everyone, and will Sakuya?s heart be able to handle the truth?

Release Information

10/09/2011 Release Date:
Natsuki Takaya Author:
Manga Format:
HA85205 Catalogue:
9789814297974 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
5 (Ongoing) Issue:
© Natsuki Takaya / HAKUSENSHA, INC., Tokyo Copyright:

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