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Corpse Princess: Shikabane Hime Collection 2 - Kuro

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Series: Corpse Princess: Shikabane Hime
Country: Year: 2008 Runtime: 325 mins Genre: Action & Adventure, Anime, Thriller
Animated violence

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Revenge of the Undead!

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Makina Hoshino is already dead, but she can't let go of this twisted world. She burned to death along with her entire family in a fire started by freaks that wouldn't stay buried. Makina knows she doesn't belong among the living, but that won't stop her from unleashing the full fury of her twin MAC-11 machine guns on the rotting remains of those who refuse to die.... More »

Special Features

  • Episode 24 commentary
  • Textless songs

Release Information

Contains 13 episodesSeries Information
12/01/2011 Release Date:
ENGLISH subtitles Subtitles:
2 Number of Discs:
325.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
16:9 Widescreen Full Height Anamorphic Aspect Ratio:
MMB689 Catalogue:

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