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Chobits Collection (Blu-Ray)

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Series: Chobits
Country: Year: 2001 Runtime: 675 mins Genre: Anime, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Score: 7.5/10
Sexual References, Low Level Violence

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A Clamp Classic reborn in High Definition

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A Boy’s first computer. A country boy from Hokkaido, Hideki arrives in the big city (Tokyo) to go to college. Instantly, he is shocked and amazed by the variety and prevalence of Persocoms: personal computers designed to look and act like animals or even people! Too poor to afford one of his own, Hideki is overjoyed to discover a discarded Persocom in a trash heap. However, this gift of fate turns into a mystery as his Persocom, Chi, appears to be able to operate without her OS... How real is real?

Special Features

  • Shinbo and Sumomo chat
  • Japanese Previews
  • Minoru and Yuzuki chat
  • Hibiya and Kotoko chat
  • Chibits Special
  • Textless opening and closings
  • Trailers

Release Information

Contains 27 episodesSeries Information
18/05/2011 Release Date:
ENGLISH subtitles Subtitles:
3 Number of Discs:
675.0 mins Runtime:
Blu-Ray, Region A & B Format:
16:9 Widescreen Full Height Anamorphic Aspect Ratio:
MMB152BR Catalogue: