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Ga-Rei-Zero Collection

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Series: Ga-Rei-Zero
Country: Year: 2008 Runtime: 300 mins Genre: Action & Adventure, Anime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thriller Score: 7.0/10
Strong animated violence

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Their deadliest threat comes from one of their own

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Kagura and Yomi may look like ordinary school girls as they walk the streets of Tokyo clad in short skirts and knee-high socks, but they're the heroes you scream for when monsters creep out of the darkness. These sword-toting sisters are part of an elite counterattack unit that specializes in suppressing outbreaks of supernatural activity. They train... More »

Special Features

  • Location Special parts 1-6
  • Series Premiere/First Episode promo videos
  • DVD promo videos
  • Textless songs

Release Information

Contains 12 episodesSeries Information
20/07/2011 Release Date:
English, Japanese Languages:
English subtitles Subtitles:
3 Number of Discs:
300.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
MMA4340 Catalogue:
Ā© 2008 Hajime SEGAWA/[GAREI-ZERO-] Production Committee. Licensed by FUNimationĀ® Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Copyright:

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