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Natsume's Book of Friends (Manga) Vol. 06

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Teen 13+


Demons, Ghouls and Spirits!

Takashi rescues a young boy named Kai from an abandoned house, where he had been locked in a box. But this isn't just a case of bullying gone too far. Kai has been complaining about being chased by ghosts. Does he see yokai too, or is there something darker going on?

Release Information

10/05/2011 Release Date:
Japan Country of Origin:
Yuki Midorikawa Author:
Manga Format:
CTNBOF06 Catalogue:
9781421532486 ISBN:
182 Number of Pages:
6 (Ongoing) Issue:
Natsume Yujincho © Yuki Midorikawa 2009/HAKUSENSHA, Inc. (see sales points for cp details) Copyright:

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