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Vampire Knight (Manga) Vol. 13

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Teen 13+


Her Very First Memory... Snow, Terror, Blood and Vampires!

As Yuuki sets out with Aidou to put a stop to the senseless deaths of Purebloods, she is attacked by the head of the Touma clan and is saved by none other than Zero. Kaname brings her back home to recuperate, and as she drinks his blood, his memories of the past flow into her. Finally, Yuuki finds out what really happened in the time of the ancestors. Discover the shocking revelations in Volume 13 of Vampire Knight!

Release Information

10/05/2011 Release Date:
Matsuri Hino Author:
Manga Format:
HA62613 Catalogue:
9789814341004 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
13 (Ongoing) Issue:
© Matsuri Hino / HAKUSENSHA, INC., Tokyo Copyright:

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