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Otomen (Manga) Vol. 09

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Teen 13+


The Manliest Man in High School - And He Really Loves all Things Girly, like Shojo Manga, Baking, and Sewing!

An overzealous ?anti-otomen? enforcer has descended upon Ginyuri High, and with everyone carefully toeing the line, a decidedly artificial atmosphere now envelopes the school. Having tried and failed to expose Asuka, Kasuga now decides to focus attack on the people around him instead. The latest lamb to the slaughter? Tachibana, of course. And this time, with Asuka determined to help prove his ?innocence?, Tachibana/Sachihana is trapped between a rock and a very hard place!

Release Information

10/05/2011 Release Date:
Aya Kanno Author:
Manga Format:
HA77509 Catalogue:
9789814297578 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
9 (Ongoing) Issue:
© 2008 Aya Kanno / HAKUSENSHA, Inc., Tokyo Copyright:

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