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Bakuman (Manga) Vol. 05

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Series: Bakuman (Manga)
Teen 13+


From the Creators of Death Note

Big changes are in store now that Moritaka and Akito have their very own series in Shonen Jump. Hanging out with their favorite manga creators, hiring assistants, keeping track of the weekly reader surveys' life as a professional manga artist is tough! Can these two survive the pressure?

Release Information

10/07/2011 Release Date:
Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata Author:
Manga Format:
CTBAKU05 Catalogue:
9781421537948 ISBN:
192 Number of Pages:
5 of 20 Issue:
BAKUMAN. © 2008 by Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata/SHUEISHA Inc Copyright:

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