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Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura (Manga) Vol. 02

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Teen 13+


The Cherry Blossom Princess Reborn!

Sakura, on the run after Prince Oura?s attempt on her life, is taken in by the ninja Kohaku. Prince Oura summons a demon to lure Sakura and Kohaku out, and then turns into a wolf himself to steal Sakura?s Blood Cherry Blossom Sword. Now Prince Oura has the power to kill the immortal Sakura with her own blade...

Release Information

10/07/2011 Release Date:
Arina Tanemura Author:
Manga Format:
CTSAK02 Catalogue:
9781421538839 ISBN:
176 Number of Pages:
2 (Ongoing) Issue:
SAKURA-HIME KADEN © 2008 by Arina Tanemura/SHUEISHA Inc. Copyright:

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