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Tenjo Tenge (Manga 2-In-1) Vol. 01

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School Will Never Be the Same Again

Soichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara have always been the meanest street brawlers around. When they enter Todo High they plan on carving out a reputation as the strongest fighters in their new school, easier said than done in a place that's dedicated to training its students in the art of combat! After realizing they're the new fish swimming in a tank full... More »

Release Information

10/07/2011 Release Date:
Oh!Great Author:
Manga Format:
CTTENJO01 Catalogue:
9781421540085 ISBN:
368 Number of Pages:
1 (Ongoing) Issue:
TENJHO TENGE © 1997 by Oh!great/SHUEISHA Inc. Copyright:

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