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07 Ghost (Manga) Vol. 08

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Teen 13+


Dreams, Curses and Conspiracy!

While Teito tries to uncover the truth about the mysterious Bishop who raised him, Ayami's faithful follower, Kuroyuri, frames Frau for a crime so heinous it could mean Frau's execution. Can Teito rescue his friend in time or will a betrayal among the faithful be their undoing?

Release Information

10/08/2011 Release Date:
Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara Author:
Manga Format:
IS86608 Catalogue:
9789814297943 ISBN:
196 Number of Pages:
8 (Ongoing) Issue:
© 2005 Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara / ICHIJINSHA, INC. Tokyo Copyright:

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