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Karneval (Manga) Vol. 04

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Teen 13+


Two Lost Souls Trapped in a Carnival of Deception

When innocent country boy Nai sets foot in the sordid, cutthroat realm of the city, he might as well have painted a target on his own back. Kidnappers, murderers and desperados abound, waiting to take advantage of a boy guileless enough to believe blood is merely ?red water?. Nai is looking for a friend who has disappeared leaving only an I.D bracelet from the organisation named ?Circus?, the country?s supreme defence agency.

Release Information

10/08/2011 Release Date:
Touya Mikanagi Author:
Manga Format:
IS88504 Catalogue:
9789814323215 ISBN:
196 Number of Pages:
4 (Ongoing) Issue:
© Touya Mikanagi / Ichijinsha Inc., Tokyo Japan Copyright:

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