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Kamisama Kiss (Manga) Vol. 06

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Teen 13+


What's a New-Fledged Godling to Do?

Nanami Momozono is alone and homeless after her dad skips town to evade his gambling debts and the debt collectors kick her out of her apartment. So when a man she's just saved from a dog offers her his home, she jumps at the opportunity. But it turns out that his place is a shrine, and Nanami has unwittingly taken over his job as a local deity!

Release Information

10/02/2012 Release Date:
Japan Country of Origin:
Julietta Suzuki Author:
Manga Format:
CTKAMI06 Catalogue:
9781421538860 ISBN:
200 Number of Pages:
6 (Ongoing) Issue:
Kamisama Hajimemashita © Julietta Suzuki 2009/HAKUSENSHA,Inc. Copyright:

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