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Cardcaptor Sakura (Uncut) Collection 1 (Eps 1-35) (Subtitled Edition)

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Series: Cardcaptor Sakura (Uncut)
Country: Year: 1999 Runtime: 875 mins Genre: Anime, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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The classic anime finally released uncut!

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Curiosity is part of any 10-year old's life, but Sakura just broke the seal on a magical book and released all of the mischievous spirits imprisoned on the cards inside! Kero, the "Guardian of the Clow Cards" is horrified to find all of the cards gone and tells Sakura she must become the "Cardcaptor" and retrieve the spirits before they work their mischief in the world.

Release Information

Contains 35 episodesSeries Information
05/09/2012 Release Date:
Japanese Languages:
English subtitles Subtitles:
5 Number of Discs:
875.0 mins Runtime:
DVD, Region 4 (PAL) Format:
4:3 Original Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio:
MMB774 Catalogue:

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