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The Law and Harry Mcgraw - The Complete Series

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Series: The Law and Harry Mcgraw
Country: United States Year: 1987 Runtime: 810 mins Genre: Crime
Mature themes and violence

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The only spin-off from the phenomenally popular mystery series 'MURDER, SHE WROTE'

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Somewhat rough-around-the-edges private eye Harry McGraw is street-bred and street-wise. Recently widowed criminal lawyer Ellie Maginnis is from one of Boston's "better"families. McGraw is relatively unschooled; Ellie is a model of civility and breeding. Despite the gulf between them, Ellie realises a private investigator is the best accessory a lawyer... More »

Special Features

  • Two bonus episodes of MURDER, SHE WROTE - 'Tough Guys Don't Die' (featuring Harry McGraw's first appearance) and 'Death Takes a Dive' (an extended-length episode designed as a trial run for the proposed Harry McGraw series)

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English Languages:
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