February 2007 A.D


MELBOURNE, Tuesday, 13 February 2007 -
The Kings of Cult™ (is this a real trademark??), AKA Madman Entertainment today announce a partnership forged in dork heaven... probably while everyone wore novelty hats. I reckon you've figured it out by now, but yeah, we're putting out those rad™ (please stop using these!) Cartoon Network and [adult swim] DVDs in Australia and New Zealand.

We're pretty darn excited about Cartoon Network and [adult swim] and we think you should be too! Why? Simple! Cartoon Network and [adult swim] are two of the coolest, funniest, and most original entertainment labels in the world today! Kids like Cartoon Network because of the bizzarro situations, crazy characters and kooky concepts. Adults like [adult swim] because it's clever, original, totally weird and, sometimes, even a little bit ssssexy!

But don't just take the word of a bunch of 20-something (30-something!) ex-geeks (Ex?!). Entertainment Weekly called it "the most inventively hilarious comedy on television" (send 'em candy). Even our boss totally digs it:

"I totally dig this stuff! Cartoon Network is this generation's Looney Tunes, and [adult swim] is like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park all rolled into one! We're obviously thrilled to be working with these guys". - Tim Anderson, Managing Director


The Madman Cartoon Network DVD range launches in April, 2007 with:

Saving the world, before bedtime!

The Powerpuff Girls - created by Professor Utonium from sugar, spice and everything nice, plus the accidentally added Chemical X! Together Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup battle a gallery of stupendous villains.

Never before available as a complete series collection, Madman's The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 DVD release is a worldwide debut exclusive!

This 2-DVD set includes: The entire Season 1 collection, plus 3 never-before-seen pilot episodes, Apples in Stereo music video and a 'Making Of'.

"Has the right mix of sugar and spice for a satisfying rush." - Los Angeles Times

Where imagination and friendships run wild!

When eight-year-old Mac is forced to give up his imaginary friend Bloo (a walking, talking security blanket), he takes his buddy to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Mac strikes a deal with Madame Foster, the proprietor: as long as he comes to visit every day, Bloo will not be put up for adoption. Meet Bloo, Mac and an entire cast of hilarious "imaginary friends"!

Includes the entire first season of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends across two DVDs.

You think your school is a zoo?

A clerical error sends 12-year-old Adam Lyon to a middle school for zoo animals, but his best friend, Jake the Monkey, is standing by him every step of the way to help him adjust. Life at this school is truly survival of the fittest!

This DVD release is the worldwide debut of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.


Keep a hawk's-eye out for Dexter's Laboratory, Hi-Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and the super-hot Ben 10 - plus a whole heap more.

The Madman [adult swim] DVD range launches in April, 2007 with:


The premiere season of ROBOT CHICKEN - 20 channel-flippin', toy-murderin', attention span-shatterin' episodes! It's bite-sized nuggets of sketch comedy performed by yesteryear's favourite playthings, animated in state-of-the-art stop motion!

The underground smash is finally on DVD in Australia and packed with extras. Created by Seth Green (Buffy, Austin Powers) and Matt Senreich (Wizard & Toyfare magazines) and featuring celebrity cameos including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johanssen, Seth McFarlane and Hulk Hogan.

This 2-DVD set includes: the entire first season of Robot Chicken, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, animatics and much, much more.

"Will make pop culture fiends cackle with delight." - People USA

Number 1 in the hood, G!

The simple version: Master Shake, Frylock & Meatwad; food living together unsupervised, somewhere near the Jersey shore. Next door neighbour Carl has an above-ground pool & an attitude. The complicated version: mysteries, aliens, mad scientists, rabbit robots, perms, cologne, heavy metal, haunted school buses, giant moths, kind-hearted mould, Dracula, road trips, removable brains and, of course, leprechauns ...and that's only the beginning.

Includes the entire first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force across two discs, including a bonus episode, audio commentaries and deleted scenes.

Defender of 'toons in legal trouble

Who's the man in the suit? Who's the cat with the feet? He's Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, defender of cartoons in legal trouble. Whether it's cute, bow-tie wearing Boo Boo Bear accused of being the "Unabooboo", or Shaggy and Scooby busted for possession, there's just one ex-superhero manbird to see - Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

Harvey Bridman: Attorney At Law Volume 1 collection spans a 2-DVD set, including the entire first season, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, animatics and much more.

COMING SOON TO [adult swim] DVD:

So much awesomeness that it's really hard to stay cool; Sealab 2021, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show are all shows, good ones at that.

Make sure you stay tuned to www.cartoonnetworkdvd.com.au and www.adultswimdvd.com.au for more!


Cartoon Network is one of the most popular entertainment channels among kids and is currently seen in over 1.7 million cable homes in Australia with 98% cable penetration. The Network is distributed on Austar, Foxtel and Optus. Launched in the Asia Pacific in 1994, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.'s (TBS) Cartoon Network offers the best in animated entertainment. Drawing from the world's largest cartoon library of Warner Bros., MGM and Hanna-Barbera titles, the Network also showcases original series including The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door, The Powerpuff Girls, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends under the Cartoon Cartoons banner.


Adult Swim (AdultSwim.com), launched in 2001, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.'s network offering original and acquired animated comedy and action series for young adults. Airing overnights six days a week for a total of 45 hours weekly, Adult Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network, home to the best in original, classic and acquired programming for children and families.

TBS Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry.


THE MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP proudly showcases the best in world cinema, arthouse film, Australian independent features, animation and Japanese anime. Madman is Australia's leading distributor of home entertainment and an industry innovator with a sought-after interactive and DVD authoring studio; printing division; film production involvement; and a range of DVD and video labels.

TM & © 2007 Cartoon Network. All Rights Reserved.

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