Huntik follows the adventures of Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill their mentor Dante Vale and the rest of the Huntik Foundation as they use magical powers and allies called Titans to explore strange locations, find lost treasures and battle evil.

Long before our times, humanity fought against an evil of unimaginable power. The darkness was broken only by the Seekers, humans able to invoke legendary creatures - the Titans - into their own plane of existence. With the Titans executing their every order, the first Seekers the Casterwills fought against the dark forces of the underworld and against themselves. Centuries went by, and one by one, the Titans were hidden: some were buried following gruelling battles, others merely forgotten as time passed. The magical and powerful creatures lie hidden and dormant in the most remote part of the earth, waiting to be awakened by a new and bold group of Seekers.

Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

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