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Bloody Monday (Manga)

Year: 2007 Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Crime


Solve a murder mystery, or be seduced by the suspect?

A deadly virus outbreak in Russia causes a gruesome massacre on Christmas. An unfortunate victim leaves behind a clue on video, pointing to a mysterious femme fatale named Maya…

Said video falls into the hands of Fujimaru Takagi, a high school student in faraway Japan, who also happens to be a genius hacker moonlighting for his father in the Public Security Intelligence Agency. But the gravity of the case does not hit him until his father suddenly gets framed for a murder and leaves him with the enigmatic code words, "Bloody Monday." Meanwhile, a new teacher arrives at his school and starts to show an unnatural amount of interest in him. Her name? Orihara. Ms. Maya Orihara…

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© 2007 Ryou Ryumon, Kouji Megumi / Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo.