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Samurai 7 Collection (Fatpack)

"Why it rocks: Gonzo have created an intoxicating series - engaging characters, an interesting world where steampunk meets ancient Japan, capped off by wonderful animation."
- Hyper's Top 10 Anime DVD releases of 2005
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Life. Death. Honor... Kurosawa's Legendary Epic Reborn!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Runtime: 650 mins

Based on the legendary Akira Kurosawa classic epic feature film, Seven Samurai.

Set in a futuristic world that has just witnessed the end of a massive war, scores of villages are terrorized by Nobuseri bandits. But the Nobuseri are no normal bandits. They were once Samurai, who during the war integrated their living cells with machines to become dangerous weapons now appearing more machine than man. Absolute power corrupts, and their reign of terror is increasing its hold on the countryside.

But one group of villagers has had enough, deciding to hire samurai to protect their village. Kirara is a young priestess who travels to the city seeking out protection. One by one, she encounters brave samurai that the war has left behind. These men of skill and valor are each unique and not without their quirks. But can they come together as one to defend the helpless village?

Special Features
  • Textless opening and closing animations
  • Character profiles
  • Promotional video

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