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Hellsing Ultimate V02

"The gruesome overkill of Kohta Hirano's HELLSING manga returns to the anime world..."
Wizard Magazine
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A Valentine massacre of hellish proportions!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Runtime: 46 mins

An unusual new breed of vampires terrorizes England while increasing at an alarming rate, making it impossible to conceal their presence from the public for much longer. Furthermore, the attacks seem organized, which makes the situation even more ominous. While Sir Integra reports her findings to the members of the Round Table, the Hellsing mansion gets blitzed by an army of indestructible ghouls led by the Valentine brothers, a vicious and hedonistic duo who claim to have all the vampiric powers of Arucard and beyond. Indeed, the night has only just begun...

Special Features
  • Staff Interview
  • US Viral Trailer

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