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In February there's a lot of talk of love hearts, flowers, greetings cards, and other good schmaltzy stuff. Yet we think Valentine's needs a bit of a twist.

Of course, when you choo-choo-choose a Valentine, it may not always go the way that you think, and that's even more fun. What happens when things go the opposite way to how you expect? What if everything is in reverse?!

For this art competition, we want artists to take characters who LOVE each other and show us what it's like if they HATE each other.

Likewise, we also want to see artworks featuring characters who HATE each other who now LOVE each other!

Let confusion, hilarity and creativity ensue!


Upload your art with a 50 word or less description of the scene, the characters, and the nature of their love or hate.

Artwork entered should be a TIFF or JPEG file, at least 10cm x 15cm at 300dpi


The artwork judged as the best will receive the following prizes!

1st - $150 voucher for Madman's online store

2nd - $100 voucher for Madman's online store

3rd - $75 voucher for Madman's online store

4th - $50 voucher for Madman's online store

Entries have closed for this competition.

The Winners

She-Ra and Hordak Valentine
She-Ra and Hordak Valentine
First Place
By AJchan
Death Note: Compromising
Death Note: Compromising
Second Place
By Ardie
Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll
Third Place
By The_Toonologist
Claymore: Make love not hate
Claymore: Make love not hate
Fourth Place
By Ishimaru

Winners are also announced monthly on the Anime Snacktime podcast, and a full write-up, including honourable mentions are in our News Section

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