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Show us, reveal the home of the villain!!

Where would our heroes be without their counterparts, their nemesis, their rivals... the villains?

Sitting at home... washing their tights! That's what!

But speaking of domestic duties, most of our heroes have large rogues galleries, and being the self serving, glory hunting types, villains don't often coordinate, attempting to take over the world one at a time. So what do they do in their downtime at home?

Show us your favourite villains and give us some insight into their character by showing what they get up to at home!

Perhaps a quiet night of reading (And what do they read?), a spot of gardening, maybe they love to bake? Just laze in front of the TV, or flick through old photo albums of their glory days? Do they have to drag themselves off to some kind of day job?

And what kind of home-away-from-lair do they have? Would it be embarrassing to reveal a criminal mastermind lives at home with his mother, or in the back of a trailer?

Show us, reveal the home of the villain!!


Upload your art with a 50 word or less description of the scene, the characters, and their home environment!

Artwork entered should be a TIFF or JPEG file, at least 10cm x 15cm at 300dpi


The artwork judged as the best will receive the following prizes!

1st - $150 voucher for Madman's online store

2nd - $100 voucher for Madman's online store

3rd - $75 voucher for Madman's online store

4th - $50 voucher for Madman's online store

Entries have closed for this competition.

The Winners

Skeletor and Evil Lyn at home
Skeletor and Evil Lyn at home
First Place
By AJchan
Second Place
By turducken
Villains At Home Comp
Villains At Home Comp
Third Place
By Pooky
The King of Karoke
The King of Karoke
Fourth Place
By dogaholic

Winners are also announced monthly on the Anime Snacktime podcast, and a full write-up, including honourable mentions are in our News Section

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