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It's the Transformers 30th Anniversary this year, Transformers Animated and Cybertron have been released in full, and there's a new movie on the way. What a huge universe - lets make it bigger with more TRANSFORMERS!

We love Transformers! It's the 30th Anniversary of the sentient robots from the planet Cybertron, and what a wonderful universe of characters it is.

From the original Generation 1, Transformers the Movie, Beast Wars, Transformers Japan to the brand new Transformers Prime and fantastic series in between. A great setting and characters with many takes, fans also have been able to catch up with the just released series, like the amazing Transformers: Animated to the epic Unicron Trilogy of Armada, Energon and Cybertron.

With so much to the Transformers Universe, we want to see even more cool characters. You can take inspiration from previous characters, or a completely alternate universe version of the setting. Maybe you want to rework an existing character, or create someone entirely new, or depict a back of box style battle. Serious or fun takes are welcome.

What special abilities, weapons or companions will they have? What will they transform into?

For a bit of history or inspiration, enjoy a look back at Design a Transformer competitions One, Two, and Three!

View the Transformers Minisite


Upload your art with a brief description of the characters or scene, and details of alt mode, weapons, or backstory you want to mention.

If this is also clear from your artwork, all the better!

Artwork entered should be a TIFF or JPEG file, at least 10cm x 15cm at 300dpi


The artwork judged as the best will receive the following prizes!

1st - $150 voucher for Madman's online store

2nd - $100 voucher for Madman's online store

3rd - $75 voucher for Madman's online store

4th - $50 voucher for Madman's online store

Entries have closed for this competition.

The Winners

Skygrip - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Skygrip - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
First Place
By masarujasu
Jaguor, the Solitary Maximal
Jaguor, the Solitary Maximal
Second Place
By capunton
Oh My Godzilla
Oh My Godzilla
Third Place
By Big Unit
Deceptacon Toaster
Deceptacon Toaster
Fourth Place
By Rennis

Winners are also announced monthly on the Anime Snacktime podcast, and a full write-up, including honourable mentions are in our News Section

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