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Magical Girl Julia

Artist: AJchan   Upload Date: October 21, 2010   Gallery: ANIMEFACE - FANZONE ART COMP - OCTOBER 2010
Magical Girl Julia


Animeface PM! When she's not running the country, Julia lives the magical girl lifestyle, righting wrongs and keeping Australia beautiful! With the help of her two cute companions, liberated from the Australian crest, she has wacky adventures aplenty!

Tags: leader  magical girl  animeface art comp  Julia Gillard  prime minister  


Comments (5)

bron from god said:

wait the Dark magician girl or some other magical girl im confused

2AM 22/10/10

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Luffy III said:

Wow! That is a very creative idea! I love the outfit for the Julia Gillard magical girl idea! Very Australian! And I love the cute little companions from the Australian crest as well as the use of the Australian flag as her "magical rod"! It shows our strong pride and our strong love for our country and to keep the nation we love beautiful! Well done!

6AM 22/10/10

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Konaloli said:

Julia Gillard!?!? She should have used this for her campaign!

6AM 23/10/10

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Corad said:

This looks beautiful, AJchan :D I love the idea, and the coloring is awesome too. Lovely work!! 5*

11AM 26/10/10

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AJchan said:

Thanks for the nice comments :-)
Bron, 'magical girl' is a popular anime genre. Think Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura or Princess Tutu. Like super heroes, they often have secret identities.

3AM 03/11/10

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