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Madman Online Knowledgebase

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about ordering online from the Madman website. It also provides links to more detailed information available from this web site.

Order Support

Have a question about an order you've placed or have other questions - please contact our friendly Support Team who are ready to help you out.

Current Shipping Updates and News

Received your Order and waiting for more items?

If you received what seems to only be part of your order, don't panic! Please be reassured that your complete order is safely registered and items that aren't listed in your received package will be sent in a separate package. We are constantly restocking, so many orders have been split and we have sent what we have available. Unfortunately the shipping invoice currently does not list the Items that will follow on a separate backorder (they do not appear on the invoice at all). Most items will follow within 2-3 weeks. You need only follow up with us if your full order is listed on the invoice and you are still missing an item.

Why do my Orders have a PROCESSING status?

If you’ve been checking your order status while logged into the site under “My Padded Cell” you may notice the order status is currently listed as PROCESSING. This is because we are still migrating some functions of our warehouse system.

What does BACK ORDER status mean?

If you’ve been checking your order status while logged into the site under “My Padded Cell” you may notice the order status is currently listed as BACK ORDER. This means that we don’t currently have the item in stock. Rest assured though, your order will be processed as soon as our warehouse is replenished.

Madman's DVDs and Online Store

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. If you choose to save your credit card details for your next visit, they will be stored in a secure PCI DSS-compliant facility which meets the international requirements for safely storing and processing credit card information. You can learn more about PCI DSS at

Where do I find my credit card security number (CCV)?

This number is printed on your cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).

Can I pay by Cheque?

Cheque payments for orders cannot be accepted. Due to the problems of needing to await cheque clearances this form of payment is not a good fit for web based mail order. We highly recommend Money Order or BPAY if Credit card is not your preferred option

I received an invoice - do I need to pay it?

No! When you make an order on, it is paid before it is sent out and your confirmation email is to be treated as your order receipt. When you receive your order in the mail, you will notice we attach an invoice that contains your address and the contents of your order. The idea here is to show you what was included in the package and notify you of any backorders. While there are charges listed here, it does not need to be paid again. This is quirk of our warehousing/despatch system - please treat as a despatch note only

Note to Direct Deposit Customers

Direct Deposit is no longer available as a payment method, and in its place BPAY is now available. BPAY replaces Direct Deposit as it has many advantages in making payments.

Paying by BPAY

BPAY is a form of payment you can make using your bank account primarily over the internet. If you have internet access to your Bank Account, you may already have access to BPAY Transfers. Otherwise, check with your bank for information on how to use BPAY. Similar to Direct Deposit, it is more secure and adaptable to paying online accounts. For more information, check the BPAY official FAQ:

What payment options can I choose from?

Orders on Madman's online store are paid up front in full, and can be paid by three methods: Credit Card, Money Order, and BPAY. International Customers may only pay by Credit Card.

Paying by credit card

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Payments are processed Securely online at the time that you make your order, so we advise customers to be sure of the items in their checkout before confirming orders. Make sure to click Confirm on the checkout only once to avoid double orders!

Paying by money order

If you cannot pay by credit card, we recommend paying by Money Order. When you select Money Order and confirm your payment, we will send you a confirmation email with the address to which you send your money order. Money Orders can be purchased at any post office Money Orders must be made out to 'Madman Entertainment' and must have your order reference number written on the back in the ‘Payment Details’ section. Please include a note with your money order, such as a printout of your confirmation, that shows clearly your name and your order number (MA#####). Remember to include the cost of postage in the payment and DO NOT SEND CASH OR CHEQUES - these cannot be accepted!

When will my order arrive?

Once your order is processed it is Invoiced and Despatched and reaches post that day or the following day. Delivery times depend on where your order is being delivered to. Local For orders sent within Australia, we deliver by Australia Post Elads Courier. Sent from our warehouse in Victoria, orders will take 3-5 days to most states. WA customers may have a further 2-3 days to wait depending on the postal service. International International orders are sent by standard airmail, in most cases this is a 2-3 week delivery time after our normal processing period.

My order says ‘Invoiced and Dispatched’ however I have not received it?

If your order status is currently listed as ‘Invoiced and Dispatched’ on a certain date but you have not received it within the appropriate time frame we suggest contacting your local post office. It’s possible that delivery was attempted, but a notification card misplaced, so it could be waiting for you at the post office without your knowledge.

Is the Madman website secure?

Madman's online store uses 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring your credit card and other private details are kept secure. While on a Checkout page, you will see the 'Locked' icon in the status bar of your browser. We do not keep your payment details on file as part of this security, therefore we always charge up front for your full order, including preorders, so we will not reattempt charges on your card at a later date.

How much is my order and shipping in my local currency?

The best way to check how much you will be paying for your order is simply to create the order, then follow the shopping cart through to the confirmation page of the checkout. At this screen you will be able to see the final price of your order before you confirm and make payment. The site calculates shipping according to the weight of your items, and discounts Australian tax for international orders. Upon viewing the final price, use another window of your internet browser to check the price in an online currency converter to get the most up to date conversion. If you're happy with the final price, proceed to confirm your order and we will process in the following few days!

How long will it take to process my order?

Our processing timeframe is 5-7 working days to allow for peak periods. However, for currently stocked items our turnaround time will be 24-48 hrs in most cases. Processing begins when payment is received, making Credit card payments the fastest way to order as it is approved online. Money Orders and BPAY each take a minimum 24-48 hrs to arrive and become marked as paid. Orders are transferred from the website to the warehouse daily at approx 11am EST so stock picking begins the following day.

How much does Madman charge for postage?

Within Australia - FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping Australia-wide on all online purchases over $50! Pre-ordered items that are sent later may incur a further charge, this again includes all items released at the same time. We encourage customers to submit preorders separately for ease of tracking. Our system does not split orders automatically. We advise 7-10 working days wait for processing before going out to post, although we will normally keep this to a much lower timeframe. International orders will depend on weight and location. The price will be calculated by the website for you as you go through checkout. A rough guide is that a single DVD is 110 grams, and packaging for up to 5 DVDs is 90 grams. Pricing to US/UK/Europe for a single DVD will be between AUD$8 and AUD$9.5, and scales up with more/larger items. International orders are sent by standard airmail, in most cases this is a 2-3 week delivery time after our normal processing period.

What about preorders with different months of release?

If you wish to preorder items with separate release dates, please note the dates and be aware that orders will be held until all items are released. To have preorders sent each month as they come out, please only include items from that month in your preorder. For example: if you are ordering in the month of March, and you have titles from April and May in your Shopping Cart, every item for April may be backordered, and will not be sent until release of all items in the month of May. So, it is best to organise your preorders into separate orders according to release date. Of course you can include currently stocked items as you will be able to split these into their own order, but to avoid waiting, make sure everything you are preordering is dated from the same month. In short, the best preordering method is: separate dates, separate orders. You can view the upcoming release schedule here:

When will my preorders ship?

Items are normally available for Preorder from 2 months prior to release. When preordering, please pay attention to the release date and order accordingly (see below) Order Splitting - The checkout will give you the option to split your order if you have both current and unreleased items listed. Just follow the onscreen prompts, and you can have currently stocked items sent right away, with preorders to follow, or you can elect to wait until the final release date amongst your preorders. Charges - be aware that if you have preorder items mixed with current items in your Shopping Cart when you go through checkout, you will be charged for all the items in the cart including the unreleased items. This helps ensure security as we charge for the whole order at one time and do not need to hold credit card details on file. We send items as soon as stock is available in the system, which is normally 3-4 days before the release date. We will of course automatically log the prerelease items as backorders and they are sent when available, but if you prefer to be charged on separate dates, please make separate orders for items that have future release dates.

How do I report a faulty DVD?

If you find what appears to be a fault with your DVD, these are the guidelines to follow before sending an email: Please attempt to play the disc in more than one DVD player to eliminate an issue with that particular player. Please provide an exact time on the disc where the error occurs - Make/Model of your DVD player - Age of DVD player - Have you had problems with other DVDs in that player? - When and where did you purchase your DVD? Once we have established the above, email and we forward the details to production and test the disc. Where possible we will release fixed discs with the next replication run. It's important to remember that due to the different types of software involved, we do not guarantee playback on Games Consoles or DVD-Drives.

How do I return a faulty item for refund or replacement?

Should you receive any items that you did not order, or that prove to be faulty, please contact our Customer Service Team ( who will provide you with a returns address and assist with a refund or replacement.

When enquiring about returning items, please quote your order number, the nature of the fault, and whether you require a replacement item to be sent out, or a refund.

Please note that we do not offer a refund for change of mind.

It is important to remember our DVDs are encoded for Region 4 and PAL formatted and Blu-Rays are Region B. This is denoted on each product page and in the Help file. We are unable to accept returns due to region incompatibility.

Will Madman DVDs and Blu-Rays play in my country?

Madman distributes DVDs in the Australian and New Zealand regions. Our DVDs are formatted in PAL and encoded for Region 4 unless stated otherwise. Blu-Rays are encoded for Region B. You may notice that some discs are zoned Region 0 or All Regions, ensuring playability in other countries, but remember your DVD player and television must both be PAL compatible. Please refer to each individual item's page for this information and the next topic for details on region encoding. Please note that Madman cannot accept returns for DVDs that will not play due to region incompatibility! It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they can play Region 4 discs.

What are the "regions"?

When a DVD disc is manufactured, a region code is applied at the authoring stage such that the final disc will play only on those players distributed in the designated world region. There are 6 regions throughout the world: - Region 1 - Canada, United States and its Territories - Region 2 - Japan, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East - Region 3 - Southeast Asia and East Asia - Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central and South America - Region 5 - Indian Subcontinent, Former Soviet Union and Africa - Region 6 - China For more information on the DVD format,

Can I use my voucher on sale stock?

No. Unfortunately, vouchers cannot be used on sales and pre-order products.

How can I help stop DVD Piracy?

There has been a recent increase in these DVD sets being spotted and these are most certainly not real products but rather an illegal bootleg copy, usually imported from South East Asian countries and contain extremely bad subtitles and are of low quality. Easy signs to tell if they are real or not include:

  • Region 0 or All
  • Very low disc count for entire series - eg. 26 episodes on 3 DVDs
  • Anything with the company logos 'Anime Cartoon', 'AniDVD', AV, 'Manga Cartoon' and other companies with similar names usually linked to crime syndicates as well.
  • A web based email address printed on the DVD cover such as addresses ending with or etc
Should you come across any of these products do not purchase them and if you feel this isn't right report it to the authorities or to, please include the store's name and if possible get details of the distributor, the closer we get to the source of the problem, the eaiser it is for us to stop the flow. The Pirate Anime FAQ site also has a lot more useful information regarding these illegal bootleg DVDs as well as other knock off anime merchandise and how you can avoid them. Alternatively you can also report it to the newly setup Anti-piracy task force. Remember the more reports that are reported the more likely something will be done about this problem. Piracy hurts the industry and you can help by spreading the word and reporting these illegitimate practices.

Can I still get Empty Boxes for my DVD Collections?

Madman does not sell Empty Boxes for any series as standalone items on our website. We found that the vast majority of our customers were already taking advantage of our new releases that come together with Volume 1 and a collectible box, or have bought the series as a complete collection. Even if you jump on a series part way, you don't have to wait for the complete collection, because we always keep the Volume 1 + box versions available all the way through to release of the Complete Collection.


Classification Descriptions

The classification descriptions are as follows:

Classification Classification Description
G General
PG Parental guidance recommended
M Recommended for mature audiences
MA 15+ Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
R 18+ Restricted to 18 and over
X 18+ Restricted to 18 and over

Manga Classification Descriptions

Madman and our partner publishers understand that because of the visual nature of manga and prior misunderstandings regarding comics and graphic novels in general, you may be concerned about the appropriateness of each series for different age groups.

Manga from TOKYOPOP and VIZ Media are rated based on their content and those ratings can be found on our order forms as well as on the back of each book. The definitions of the ratings are below:


All Ages: Suitable for ages 6 and up. May contain cartoon violence and potty humour.
Youth: Suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain mild language, fantasy violence, and bullying.
Teen: Suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain infrequent and mild profanity, mild violence and gore, crude humour, mild sexual language and themes, nondescript nudity, and mild fanservice, as well as references to tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug use.
Older Teen: Suitable for ages 16 and up. May contain profanity and strong language, moderate violence and gore, moderate sexual themes and sexual violence, nudity, moderate fanservice, and alcohol and illegal drug use.
Mature: Suitable for ages 18 and up. May contain excessive profanity, and language, intense violence, excessive gore, explicit sexual language, themes and violence, and explicit fanservice.

Viz Media

All Ages: May be suitable for readers or consumers of any age. For example, may contain mild language and fantasy violence but no swearing or nudity.
Teen: May be suitable for early teens and older. For example, may contain violence, infrequent use of strong language, suggestive themes or situations, crude humour, alcohol and/or tobacco use.
Teen Plus: May be suitable for older teens and adults. For example, may contain intense and/or gory violence, sexual content, frequent strong language, alcohol, tobacco, and/or other substance use.
Mature: Suitable for adults only. May contain extreme violence, mature themes and graphic depictions.

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