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RELEASED: 23/05/2012

Tobias, Mary, and Sakuya are way into the The World. Together, they form an inseparable group, grinding toward the break of day and running dungeons in search of the artifacts...

Absolute Duo

RELEASED: 05/10/2016

Welcome to the prestigious Koryo Academy of Absolute Duo! A special school where students train to fight with weapons that are manifestations of their souls. On the outside,...


RELEASED: 20/11/2019

ACCA is a giant organization formed long ago by the threat of a coup d'état. Now residing over the thirteen autonomous regions of a kingdom, it has continued to protect the peace of civilians for almost one hundred years....

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

RELEASED: 16/04/2014

She's a pink-haired princess. He's a panty-snatching perv. After saving a fairy-tale kingdom, Akatsuki returns to the real world with his prize - Miu, the busty daughter...

Afro Samurai

RELEASED: 15/08/2007

In a strange world of swords, guns & kimonos, cell phones & cybernetics, a black samurai, Afro Samurai, seeks revenge from a man named Justice, who killed his father & is...

Ah! My Goddess Season 2 Flights of Fancy

RELEASED: 15/08/2007

It’s been almost a year since the Goddess Belldandy came to live with college student Keiichi Morisato, and he’s almost gotten up the nerve to kiss her. Unfortunately, the...

Ajin: Demi-Human Season 1

RELEASED: 21/02/2018

When the truck slammed into Kei Nagai's body, he should have died instantly. Instead, the high-school student finds himself resurrected, with all of his wounds somehow healed....

Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2

RELEASED: 04/07/2018

Kei's stopped running, but his decision to stand and fight comes just as Sato launches his second wave of terror. Angered by the governments' refusal to admit the truth about...

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

RELEASED: 26/02/2020

Substitute teacher Glenn Radars has a rather unorthodox approach to education. Even though his students are driven to learn, he prefers to write instructions on the chalkboard...

Alice and Zoroku

RELEASED: 15/04/2020

When trouble comes knocking, do you answer? What if that trouble is Sana, a little girl with the power to materialize anything she imagines? Old man Zoroku would prefer a...

Amagi Brilliant Park

RELEASED: 24/05/2017

When new transfer student Isuzu asks Seiya Kanie out on a date at gunpoint, he knows something odd is going on. Especially since she wants to go to Amagi Brilliant Park,...

Amazing Extraordinary Friends Series 1

RELEASED: 10/12/2009

The 'Amazing Extraordinary Friends' begins when Kiwi teen Ben Wilson goes on a school outing and makes a few important discoveries: That a metal insignia turns him into Captain...

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