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Wolf's Rain Complete Collection (Fatpack)

"The friendships and rivalries of the wolves play a more important role than the sporadic action scenes but rather than making the series slow it serves to make it all the more engrossing."
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There is a Legend That Speaks of Paradise on Earth... But Only Wolves Can Find It.

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Director: Tensai Okamura
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Runtime: 750 mins

There is an old legend that speaks of a hidden paradise on Earth that only wolfs can find. Thought to have been extinct, wolves still walk the Earth... hidden among mankind. A group of wolves sets out to find Paradise with each being driven by their own personality and desires. A difficult and long journey lies ahead, with Paradise waiting to be found.

Contains all 26 episodes, and all 4 OVAs

Special Features
  • Textless Opening & Closing Collection
  • Voice Cast Interviews
  • Creator Interview

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