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Agatha Christie's Miss Marple - Collection 2 (Single Case Edition)

?Seldom can dear old Agatha?s tales have been accorded such Rolls-Royce treatment, or so splendid a cast, even unto the peripheral characters.? Daily Telegraph
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Discover why Joan Hickson is the most popular Miss Marple of them all

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1985
Runtime: 300 mins

Episode 1
Rex Fortescue, head of a family firm of financiers, dies suddenly in his office in the City. Yew poisoning is diagnosed. Inspector Neele’s only clue is a handful of rye found in the deceased’s jacket pocket.

Fortescue had two sons: Percival (cautious and orthodox) and his younger brother, Lance, flamboyant, outgoing and last heard of in Africa. The family live at Yew Tree Lodge, a sombre house in the commuter belt. Rex had recently married a very much younger woman, Adele, who has a lover, Vivian. The house is presided over by Mary Dove, a cool, superior young housekeeper. Among the staff is a young housemaid, Gladys, who was trained in the Hampshire village... More »

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