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Naruto Shippuden Collection 08 (Eps 89-100)

"NARUTO is an inspiring series because it has a lesson and that is to always believe in yourself and never give up."
Sunday Herald Sun
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Rasen Shuriken Unleashed!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Runtime: 325 mins

Naruto's new jutsu Rasen Shuriken is unbelievably powerful - but because of the risks to the user, Tsunade forbids Naruto to use it! When Jiraiya returns to the village, Naruto seeks his guidance, and the two head off to a hot springs resort to work on a solution. Meanwhile, Kakashi leads a team in search of Orochimaru's hideout, and when Naruto hears about it, he begs to join them.

Contains episodes 89-100.

Special Features
  • Production art
  • Clean collectible reversible alternate cover
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