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Big, Bigger, Biggest - Series 2

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Examining the advances in engineering that made some of the world's most iconic structures possible

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2009
Runtime: 520 mins
Genre: Documentary

How did Bridges evolve in size from tiny bamboo walkways spanning streams to super long suspension bridges connecting islands?

How did Buildings surge in stature from ground hogging town houses to cloud busting skyscrapers?

In a second season of the CGI-driven series, Big, Bigger, Biggest reveals the inventions that enabled structures such as Submarines, Aircraft, Cruise Ships, Dams, Tunnels, Oil Rigs, Observation Wheels, Telescopes, Space Stations and Domes to grow in size and scale.

Each hour-long film in the ten-part series unpicks the engineering evolution of a different iconic structure.

The series ventures on board the USS Pennsylvania – the US Navy’s biggest Submarine – to... More »

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