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Dandelion Dead - The Complete Mini Series

"You think O.J. Simpson is big? This case was huge in British legal history."
The LA Times
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One of the most controversial and unsettling crimes in English legal history

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Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1994
Runtime: 204 mins
Genre: Crime

Part 1
Herbert Armstrong is a man at war. He fights regular set-piece battles against his domineering and unstable wife, Katherine; has regular skirmishes with his bright and ambitious business rival, Oswald Martin; and wages a war of attrition against the dandelions that have colonised his beloved lawn. The arsenic will take care of the dandelions. Will it solve the other problems?

Part 2
It is 1921 and despite the sad death of his wife, Herbert Armstrong is still under pressure. The dandelions have returned to his lawn, and his rival Martin is threatening to put him out of business. Will Herbert resort to arsenic again?

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