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Martin Clunes - A Lion Called Mugie

"Martin Clunes gets a bit soppy around animals – even wild lion cubs that are trying to bite him – but he’s deadly serious about helping them."
Radio Times
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The true story of one animal’s big adventure, and one man’s dream.

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Runtime: 46 mins

25 years ago, conservationist George Adamson set up a camp to rescue lions and release them back into the wild. The heartbreaking but successful story of rescuing orphaned cub Elsa became internationally famous in the blockbuster film Born Free. Murdered by Somali bandits in 1989, Adamson’s work carried on with Tony Fitzjohn who aimed to release captive and orphaned lions back into the wild.

In this documentary Martin travels to Kenya to visit his close friend Tony and to meet Mugie, an orphaned lion cub who was washed up on a riverbank after a flash flood. Virginia McKenna, who starred in Born Free, joins Martin to revisit the spot where Elsa, the famous lioness from the film, was released and witness Mugie’s progress in being returned to the wild.

From day one Martin has had the privilege of being a witness to this story. It’s one that stirred his deep childhood memories, with great highs and awful lows. Join the adventure as Martin follows Mugie’s progress to being his natural habitat.

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