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My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita - Series 1

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A journey of the unique food, colourful culture and deep history of Sri Lanka

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Country: Australia
Year: 2011
Runtime: 250 mins

Sydney chef Peter Kuruvita takes a break from his harbour-side restaurant to lead us on a journey through his ancestral home of Sri Lanka. Using his grandmother’s recipes as a guide, we follow Peter across the country, from seaside fishing village to lofty tea field, experiencing the wealth of Sri Lanka’s beauty, culture and culinary diversity along the way. With Peter at the helm, there is no shortage of memories to share, or dishes to discover in this authentic re-telling of a unique and alluring country and its cuisine.

Once called the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka possesses rich, prosperous soils and was a handy location on the old spice route. Today the country is often associated simply with social conflict and unrest. However Peter’s journey ventures beneath these perceptions to tap into Sri Lanka’s largely unrecognised depth of history and cultural fortitude, all of which have patiently waited to be explored.

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