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Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita

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Peter takes us off the beaten track and into some of the world's most fascinating island communities

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Country: Australia
Year: 2012
Runtime: 250 mins

Sydney chef Peter Kuruvita takes us back of the beaten track and into some of the world’s most fascinating island communities, from the Philippines, down through Indonesia, across to Vanuatu and ending in the sublimely beautiful Cook Islands. We could not hope for a better guide as we are transported through these largely unexplored wonderlands. Peter will get under the skin of these very different diverse cultures, and he'll do it through cooking; he'll find his way into their houses and explore their culinary histories. 'Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita' will open our eyes to the extreme variety of food that our closest neighbours enjoy, and will show how vastly it can differ from one... More »

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