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The Protectors - Series 2

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The lives and missions of the Danish Intelligence Bureau's elite Personal Protection Unit

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Country: Denmark
Year: 2010
Runtime: 500 mins
Genre: Drama

The second season opens with one of the many repercussions from the Danish Muhammad cartoons. The Danish foreign minister will re-open the embassy in Islamabad after the terrorist bombing a few years ago, and while she would like to encourage the West's support for Pakistan's threatened girl school, it requires a massive security support. Jasmina and Little Kurt will be sent in advance along with a number of colleagues but the mission in Pakistan has fatal consequences. In the meantime, Jonas and Rasmus will be involved in the continued protection of one of the cartoonists in Denmark.

Jasmina and Rasmus have started a relationship. While he is ready to start a life with her, Jasmina is in... More »

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