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"Unquestionably one of the greatest films of the year ... few films manage to be as absorbing and profound as this"
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Weird Sex. Obsession. Comic Books David Lynch presents a film by Terry Zwigoff

Terry Zwigoff's funny and engrossing portrait of counter-culture hero and artist Robert Crumb has collected rave reviews around the globe. The film was voted Best Film of the year in a critics poll conducted by Premiere magazine including Rolling Stone, Newsweek, L.A. Times and Variety. It also picked up the Grand Jury Prize at Robert redford's prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Crumb was the archetypical underground artis of the 60's. His work was always vivid, usually anarchic, sometime violent and pronographic. Not only did he confront his generation's taboos, he positively embraced them with Fritz the Cat.

This remarkable film, from Twin Peak's David Lynch, examines the wide body of Crumb's work and discovers some sources of inspirations, including his upbringing within one of this century's most dysfunctional families. Filled with wicked and provoking humour 'Crumb' is a must for those who remember (without doubt) vividly and an absolute discovery for those unfamiliar with this exceptional artist.

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