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Toriko Collection 2

"The story, is simply juicy and riveting. Similar to ONE PIECE, TORIKO is made up of an immensely gargantuan world filled with many surprises, wonders, and mysteries."
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From the studio that brought you Dragon Ball Z and One Piece!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2011
Runtime: 325 mins

The next step in Toriko's quest to create his Full Course Menu of Life involves a run-in with the ferocious Regal Mammoth! Beneath this behemoth's brutish exterior lies the legendary Jewel Meat, a magically magnificent morsel that makes mouths water all across the galaxy! Toriko is determined to make the beast his next carnivorous conquest, but he'll have to take the fight inside the mammoth if he hopes to sink his teeth into a humongous hunk of Jewel Meat!

Then the Gourmet Hunter faces stiff competition in the form of a GT Robot. This seemingly indestructible mechanized menace is controlled by an unseen evil, and it wants the Jewel Meat all for itself! To save his friends and quench his heroic appetite, Toriko must level up his punching power and turn the bad guy into a bucket of bolts!

Contains episodes 14-26.

Special Features
  • Select episode commentary
  • Textless opening songs

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