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Toriko Collection 3

"The story, is simply juicy and riveting. Similar to ONE PIECE, TORIKO is made up of an immensely gargantuan world filled with many surprises, wonders, and mysteries."
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The Temperature May Be Dropping, But The Battle Is About To Reach Its Boiling Point!

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Country: Japan
Year: 2011
Runtime: 600 mins

Toriko, Komatsu, and a host of hopeful heroes bundle up and begin the treacherous trek into the chilling confines of Ice Hell! The prize that awaits them, Century Soup, is among the rarest of gourmet treasures - and the most divine delicacy ever to grace a bowl and spoon. Toriko and his super-chef sidekick are determined to slurp up the sweet rewards of their adventure, but something evil stands in their way: Tommyrod, a Gourmet Corps henchman with insects on the inside!

Should they survive this bugged-out battle for the ages, their next target will be the elusive Ozone Grass. Flying Sea Lions and Air Gorillas plague their journey, and in order to savor the sweet taste of success, our heroes will have to take their teamwork to the next level – forever cementing their status as lifelong partners in the pursuit of culinary bliss!

Contains episodes 27-50.

Special Features
  • Episode 42 Video Commentary
  • Episode Commentary (30, 34, 40, 46)
  • Textless Opening and Closings
  • Trailers

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