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Master of Crime: Johnnie to Boxset

EXILED: "It's the sort of heroic bloodshed that Hong Kong cinema has done so well in the past, and Johnnie To has never pulled it off better than here."
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From the Director of Drug War, a great primer for the Asian crime movie wave

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Director: Johnnie To
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2006
Runtime: 312 mins
Genre: Crime

Director Johnnie To has established himself as the master of "gun fu", the art of stylish close-quarters gun fights and gritty crime noir, and has managed to establish a huge fan following worldwide.
This collection of three films makes for a definitive sampler of the best in Asian crime today.

Brotherhood, honour, loyalty, assassination - which one the strongest?
In the dark streets of Macau, China, gangster Wo is exiled for his misdeeds against crime Boss Fay and two mysterious hired killers are sent to extract the ultimate payment. However, Wo and his buddies will not go down without a fight.

His daughter's family were viciously murdered. He has come to Hong... More »

Special Features
  • Making of EXILED

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